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Will SEO make more money for my business?

Marketing budgets are limited. This means that if you invest in something, you want to generate a sizeable return on your investment. Understandably, this may mean that you may be a little bit dubious about SEO. You may be asking yourself 'will SEO make more money for my business?'. Don't worry. We are going

How ERP Software Streamlines Project Management

Every day your business must juggle a multitude of issues that come up with each project. Staying on top of every aspect of a project can be difficult. Inevitably, something happens that causes the entire project to slow down significantly or come to a halt. To keep projects moving along smoothly a quality ERP

Top 4 Tech Gadgets for Distance Studying

Online classes are becoming increasingly popular. For some students, they are a bit of an adjustment. When learning at home, it is important to be prepared for the different school atmosphere and have all the right gadgets to keep you on track. Kno App Going to the school library, paying hundreds of dollars, and leaving with

3 Keys to Successful Social Media Management

Social Media Management is the act of monitoring and participating in social conversations across platforms. Businesses use Social Media Management as part of their overall marketing strategy to achieve a number of goals which may include the following: Increased Brand AwarenessIncreased Customers (Sales)Decreased Costs (allocating advertising dollars away from print, tv, or radio) The 3 keys to making social media successful for your business: Social

The Secret Algorithms of Instagram

The Instagram Algorithm’s “BIG 3” As per Instagram, three factors essentially decide the content in your feed: intrigue, timeliness, and relationship. The platform utilizes picture acknowledgement innovation to survey the content of a given post. On the off chance that you frequently engage with posts that element, say, canines, the algorithm offers inclination to puppy related pictures

Web Design Trends to Keep Away From

It does not mean that it is a trend that you should follow it. You must have heard of these lines before and in the world of web designs this actually true. You just can’t be too trendy when it comes to designing web pages that will click; trends come and go and smart

False Trademark Infringement Notice Story

After recently reading a story about a company being sued for incorrect information displaying in Google ‘Open Graph’, it reminded me about an experience I had a couple of years ago, and I thought I would share with you now. I worked for a long time and very hard to achieve the top ranking positions

Top 10 WordPress Cross-Browser Compatible Themes

Visual appeal is one of the major factors in building relationships with customers. If you can appeal your customers, you are a step closer to building a permanent relationship with them i.e. the end term goal. So it is a necessity that your website should look beautiful and presentable. One of the many ways

Google Photos thinks About Privacy. We Can Now Hide the Images

Google Photo thinks about privacy, and simplifies the option of hiding some photos from the curious eye. It’s about photos that the user wants to keep intimate about, due to the content or importance they have for him. In the Android app, writes has introduced the “Archive” function that enables image archiving to