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Digital Nomadism: Tips on How You can Become a Digital Nomad

The confluence of digital technology and the global pandemic has changed the world of work forever. Enforced working from home has made business question the need for expensive office space and once the need to physically control the whereabouts of workers is relinquished, it transpires that ‘remote workers’ are actually more productive than office-based

Increasing Your Website’s Organic Traffic with Serp Clix

There is a tool that Google loves and hates at the same time. It is called Serp Clix. If you're looking for to buy organic traffic from Serp Clix, you may want to consider using Serp Clix. Serp Clix is a service that uses real humans to search for your keywords on Google and then click

Google May 2022 Core Update. Reason to Worry?

Google has brought some improvements through updates in the ranking systems of websites. Whatever the health of products and services provided by organizations, the organizations present their findings at the top of the keyword search on Google. They describe their services with the help of links and videos which essentially encourage the clients to

The 7 Most Common Reasons for Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is without a doubt an eCommerce nightmare. It’s a massive missed opportunity and if you manage to cut down your cart abandonment rates, you could definitely rake in big money. But to do that, you need to know the causes of cart abandonment. Only then can you actually get around to saving your

How to Inspire Leadership Skills in Children

Raising children is a difficult job, one that requires parents to prepare their kids to live an independent life. Teaching children life skills is important, but sometimes parents overlook other skills that can help children be successful. Learning leadership skills is an excellent way to help your children be independent and strong enough to

Google Introduces Huge Changes to Link Attributes

On Tuesday, 10th September Google announced that they were making changes to link attributes, this comes 15 years after they first introduced the rel=”nofollow” link attribute. So what are these new attributes? rel=” sponsored” – this will be used to identify paid links, whether that’s for ads, sponsorships or any other sort of compensation. rel=’ugc’ – This

Will SEO make more money for my business?

Marketing budgets are limited. This means that if you invest in something, you want to generate a sizeable return on your investment. Understandably, this may mean that you may be a little bit dubious about SEO. You may be asking yourself 'will SEO make more money for my business?'. Don't worry. We are going