Google Photos thinks About Privacy. We Can Now Hide the Images

Google Photo thinks about privacy, and simplifies the option of hiding some photos from the curious eye. It’s about photos that the user wants to keep intimate about, due to the content or importance they have for him. In the Android app, writes has introduced the “Archive” function that enables image archiving to

13 Easy Tips to Create a Perfect Password

1. First you need to decide the number of characters; it should be at least 10 characters long. 2. Make sure that your password can’t be found on the dictionary. 3. Don’t use your birth date, postal code, phone number, etc, as password. 4. A password should contain both characters and numbers. Characters should be a good

Four Things a Firewall Can’t Do

Even the strongest protection system can’t prevent all security breaches and problems and neither firewall can protect you from everything Protecting a building has many similarities with protecting your network. Both have workers who are trying to do everything right without having an interference from restrictive security policy. Security policy may take up resources and

Securing cloud infrastructure: Five threat management best practices

Enterprises are adopting the cloud — the value of agility, on-demand resources and potential cost savings can’t be ignored. However, as noted by a recent Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) survey, a significant barrier to cloud uptake still remains: security. With IT leaders still worried about threats to cloud infrastructure, how can they reconcile