Will SEO make more money for my business?

Marketing budgets are limited. This means that if you invest in something, you want to generate a sizeable return on your investment. Understandably, this may mean that you may be a little bit dubious about SEO. You may be asking yourself 'will SEO make more money for my business?'. Don't worry. We are going

A Complete Guide to Keep your Content Completely SEO Friendly

The most important ranking factor in SEO is content. Why? Because Google takes more signals from a websites content than from anything else it has to offer. They judge a website mainly upon the words it uses and how it uses them. Google’s searchers are looking for relevant and informative content and so that’s what

Most Persistent Person in the World Clicks Page 3 of Google Search Results

Even though he invested superhuman efforts, Jeremy did not find what he was looking for. BURBANK, CALIFORNIA – Jeremy Davis, 29-year-old coffee shop employee from Burbank, Santa Clara County in California, has been declared as “the most persistent person in the world” for clicking page 3 of Google search results, The Global Edition finds out. Jeremy,

What Is All The Fuss About Links?

Have you heard people talking about needing to get links or back links to a website and not understood what they are talking about? Lets say your business is a Bank and you want to get deposits. If you are a privately owned bank and nobody knows you it might be tough to

“How Google Works” @ CHM

October 11th, 2014 Ever since my twenty-first birthday in 2011, I’ve been compelled to visit the Computer History Museum again and again. By my twenty-first birthday, I had gone through four or five different college majors before settling on the subject of my dreams: computer science. Naturally, the Computer History Museum would become one of

More about Geo targeting SEO

What is Geo targeting? This definition appeared comparably not so long ago. Geo targeting is the activity of advertisement and customizing for a certain product and service to a concrete market and audience according to geographic location of targeted clients. Every country, state, city or district in the world can include a niche market

Help Your Website Recover From A Google Penalty

Some website owners, on looking at their rankings are shocked to discover that since yesterday, their important keywords that were on page one of Google are now on page four, or even worse. They are wondering what on Earth has happen to their rankings, and what will become of they business profit. When this

UK SEO: The Most Effective Tool in Digital Marketing

As one of the largest economies in the world, the United Kingdom (UK) has emerged as one of the wealthiest nations in the world. This is why most people are looking forward to starting their own business (whether small or large) instead of searching for a job. The number of businesses have also increased

Google Hummingbird Update: The Real Story

I’m reading a lot of gobbledygook about the latest update by Google Hummingbird.  Marketers are in an uproar, SEOs are screaming damage control and the sky is falling. Well as you know I like to get to the point so I will try make this as easy as possible. This is what I’m telling my clients: In a

Updated Search Terror for SEO

Search engine optimization has been on the Internet for a long time now. It is embedded in almost every nook and cranny of the net especially when it comes to marketing and advertising through the internet. It does not made trends throughout its whole existence but it somehow makes the competition blossom that makes