The Secret Algorithms of Instagram

The Instagram Algorithm’s “BIG 3” As per Instagram, three factors essentially decide the content in your feed: intrigue, timeliness, and relationship. The platform utilizes picture acknowledgment innovation to survey the content of a given post. On the off chance that you frequently engage with posts that element, say, canines, the algorithm offers inclination to puppy related pictures

SMM Success: Vital Tips

Of late, you can see how social media has invaded the lives of millions of internet users. Now, every Tom, Dick and Harry is supposed to be present at places like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The rise in popularity to these platforms has been stunning. Apart from using it for social interaction, you can

5 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Next Trip and Save Money

Social media has changed the way people travel — and for the better, in most cases. In fact, one survey in the U.K. indicated that almost 85 percent of social media users turn to their networks for help planning travel or share their experiences online. Whether it’s a search for last minute flights to

Web Marketing: SEO, Social Media Marketing

We've got to get together sooner or later because the revolution's here-and you know it's right! - TP Doesn't it seem there's always an online marketing revolution going on? Are you confused by all the advice from marketing gurus? While no one loves a good revolution more than we do, our approach to Internet marketing starts

Return on Interaction

I think as a whole we are ready for a rethinking on how we use social media for business.  The Facebook privacy controversy is only the latest in a string of events that leads me to believe that nobody knows how social media is going to play out much less how effective it will

How to Improve Your Business Using Social Media?

Connecting with people worldwide  is becoming more and more easier as each day passes by, thanks to a lot of Social networking sites and also to the God of all networking activities, the Internet! Everything, from food to air tickets, is available in a click from your desktop. As a result, the business deals

How Social Networks May Improve Productivity?

Your random tweets about last night’s Glee and a cool Android app are stifling the economic recovery. Well, at least, that is the buzz among some efficiency mavens, who appear to spend all their spare time counting microblogging’s fiscal toll. Some warned that Facebook and other social networks shaves off productivity in offices; a

Three Reasons Webmasters Should Use Social Bookmarking

We all understand that bookmark is a way to mark a page on book so you may find it quickly and continue reading. Originally, bookmarking in computer is usually associated to saving a link on the web browser for faster access on the future. However, social bookmarking sites are intended to mark an interesting or

3 Reasons not to Twitter

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. Jesus, enough already! Neilson data shows 60% of people try twitter for one month, then abandon it. In the interest of full disclosure, I am one of those people. Kevin @ LexBlog lists three reasons why lawyers should twitter; First, a way to socially network with people, some of which networking may lead