Dealing with A Client Who Breaks the Agreement

One of the most frustrating experiences an agency or a freelancer have to deal with are clients who do not know what they want, and who then hold you responsible for the consequences. You might have come to an agreement. You might think that the client understood what you would be providing. You soon realize that

Converting Website Visitors Into Customers

A website is as good as it’s traffic. It’s very simple. Internet marketers have overused the phrase “build it and they will come” and how it does not apply to website building – but you can’t argue that argument’s validity – a website not indexed by search engines with no in-links, no advertising campaign

There is Only One Chance to Make the First Impression…

We usually hear complains of how certain people handle their audience in business or how they ignore others when they meet. Consumers are always attracted by the first approach, how you talk to them, facial expression, and services offered. A person maybe needing help in an area that you are a professional in but

Office or no Office: Internet Marketer Dilemma

Office space. The word sounds so nice – so friendly. Unfortunately, it can sometimes not be so friendly to your wallet. As an Internet marketer – having an office where employees can gather sounds like the ultimate form of success. After this happens – you finally can feel like you truly made it. But are

Sales vs. Clients – Never a Win-Win Situation

I was recently reminded of a bad experience a client had with a sales rep when I was working at one of the top legal marketing firms (one of those fortune 500′s). The client was not tech savvy any could or would not understand the product he was sold. He only understood that the