The 7 Most Common Reasons for Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is without a doubt an eCommerce nightmare. It’s a massive missed opportunity and if you manage to cut down your cart abandonment rates, you could definitely rake in big money. But to do that, you need to know the causes of cart abandonment. Only then can you actually get around to saving your

How to Inspire Leadership Skills in Children

Raising children is a difficult job, one that requires parents to prepare their kids to live an independent life. Teaching children life skills is important, but sometimes parents overlook other skills that can help children be successful. Learning leadership skills is an excellent way to help your children be independent and strong enough to

Top 4 Tech Gadgets for Distance Studying

Online classes are becoming increasingly popular. For some students, they are a bit of an adjustment. When learning at home, it is important to be prepared for the different school atmosphere and have all the right gadgets to keep you on track. Kno App Going to the school library, paying hundreds of dollars, and leaving with

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System: Purchasing & Installing

Each company must research, select and install the ERP system that is suitable for the company’s current needs but also allows for future expansion in both company size and diversity of the services offered. The software selected has to accurately reflect the company in terms of its size, needs and operations, and be easily

Internet and Television Slowly Coming Together

In the decade since the arrival of the internet for home users, the shape of my day has changed dramatically. I now spend at least five, sometimes as many as ten, hours a day online. Conversely, my television viewing has decreased dramatically. Most days I don’t watch TV at all. I’m quite happy to

How to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Video Ads

Facebook has gone through many updates recently, from Notes, to emotional reactions, then moving profile pictures, but the biggest game-changer: video ads. If you're looking for a better way to connect with your Facebook audience, this is it! This new alternative to traditional ads is a powerful tool and  allows you to tell a story

10 Interviewing Tips to Remember

Today is THE day. You’ve had this day marked in your mental calendar for about a week now. There was no need to tell SIRI to remind you where you needed to be or at what time; you didn’t need to scribble a note in your planner to jog your memory. Today, you have a job

Picking a Brand Name for Your New Business

One of the things that startup business owners have difficulty with is picking the right name for their business. There are many popular brand names introduced everyday. When startups are not able to create names that can attract the attention of their target audience, it is hard for them to become popular. For startups, name

How to Stay Awake at Work

I recently noticed that when trying to sleep at night I find myself with my eyes wide open and my mind whirring, whilst at work I find my lids weighing heavy on my eyes, and my brain feels like someones poured custard into it. It’s like being really drunk, except that it’s really boring. “YAAAWWWN…