Mobile Marketing Campaigns Ideas by Industry


Mobile Marketing is ideal for increasing customer traffic and for building a database for future promotions. When a customer sees your promotional offer they send your keyword to a short code and receive a response. SMS Marketing can increase your retail business customer base and give them a reason to come back by texting them coupons or other relevant information they can receive on their mobile phone.
Ways that M3Mobile360 Marketing can Benefit your Retail Business.

·    Lead generation
·    Mobile Coupons
·    Contests/Raffles
·    Sale Notifications
·    New Product Announcements
·    Store Promotions & Alerts
·    Employee Schedule Changes
·    Company Meetings
·    Contact Customers with Stock is Availability
·    Customer service and product information
·    Online sales
·    Internal communication

Retail Store Mobile Marketing Examples

Grocery Stores

Sample Opt-in Promotion- This advertising is used to entice customers to opt-in to promotional campaign. Promotion can be displayed anywhere in the store, shopping bags, newspaper ads, etc.):
“Text and Save! Join our free Members Club and received discounts directly to your mobile phone! Text Grocery into 12345 now and get 25% off your next purchase.”

Sample Text Marketing Message:
25% off your grocery bill! This today’s special offers: ½ gallon Milk  $1.75; Thurs: Top Sirloin $1.39; lb Fri; Fresh Crab $3.75lb; Sat. vine rip tomatoes $1.10 lb. 5.39.

Gourmet Deli items now available at our store! Visit us for a real gourmet delight and get the best deli meats at promotional prices!

* Happy Holiday from Linda’s Grocery! As a special customer you get 15% off bakery items with this message.

Nutrition Stores

Sample Opt-in Promotion- This advertising is used to entice customers to opt-in to promotional campaign. Promotion can be displayed anywhere in the store, shopping bags, newspaper ads, etc.):

Healthy Savings with us! Become our Valued Customer and get cost saving offers right on your mobile phone. Join our Valued club by texting Nutri to 12345 and get $15.00 off of your next purchase with the reply message!

Sample Text Marketing Message:
Healthy Savings with Linda’s Nutrition! 20% off 100 percent Whey Protein. Come try our amazing protein bars and increase energy, stamina and promote overall healthy living. 50% off for every Calcium product purchased with this message.

Certified nutritionist in our store on Wednesday 7/11 from 11 am to 3 pm. Free weight loss counseling and healthy nutritional plans. Also get 20% off of Vitamins 10/20-10/25.

Video Rental Store

Sample Opt-in Promotion- This advertising is used to entice customers to opt-in to promotional campaign. Promotion can be displayed anywhere in the store, shopping bags, newspaper ads, etc.):
Rent a second video free! Join our “Movie Madness” Club by texting Movie to 12345 and receive information about the latest releases on your mobile phone! Show us this coupon and your next rental is 50% off!

Sample text marketing message:
Second movie rental! Get this week’s special releases. Purchase DVD-movies from $4.99. FREE video game rental for you as a VIP member!

Beauty Salon
Sample Opt-in Promotion: Displayed in store window, website, beauty products, statements. Ect.

25% off of hair color and haircut. Join our Elite Club by sending text message SAVE to 12345 and get discounts sent directly to your cell phone. Show the return message and receive 25% off your next visit and enjoy an Elite Club 25% discount on all hair products.
Sample text marketing message:
25 % off all skin products this week. Quality skin cleansers and moisture therapy. Keep your youthful look.

Get a 30% discount on all beauty products as an Elite member! Open Weekdays 10 am – 8 pm. Text SAVE to 12345 now! Valid until 2/25/.

Dry Cleaners
Sample Opt-in Promotion: Place on clothes hangers, front desk, in windows, customer receipts. Run local TV and radio ads.
Become a Preferred Customer and receive huge savings! Join by sending a text message CLEAN to 12345 and receive discounts sent directly on your mobile phone. Show the reply message you get a coupon for 2 shirts professionally dry cleaned free of charge this Week.
Sample text marketing message:
State of art new cleaning practice. Ultimate clean with no shrinkage or color loss. 25% off suits and dress cleaning as a Preferred Customer member, this week Mon.-Thurs, 10 am-2 pm!

25% off drapery cleaning Wednesday for Preferred members only! Try our free natural scents.
To opt out from the list send keyword STOP to 12345


A Mobile Marketing campaign is perfect for filling a restaurant on a slow day business because it allows for a time-sensitive information delivery.  Remind your customers about today’s 2-for-1 lunch special and send your message right before lunch time.

Ways that Mobile Marketing can Benefit your Restaurant Business

·    Meal Specials
·    Mobile Coupons
·    New Menu Items
·    Employee Communication
·    Happy Hour Specials
·    Directions, Address & Hours
·    Dinner Schedules

Sample Opt-in Promotion – This advertising is used to entice patrons to opt-in to promotional campaign. Promotion can be displayed anywhere in the restaurant, on customer receipts, menus, website, newspaper ads, etc.)
Enjoy your dining experience? Join our Value Club and receive discounts on gourmet lunch and dinner specials. Send “Join” to number 12345 from your mobile phone and get a 25% discount on your next meal!

Sample reply message – Welcome to Linda’s Dining Club. Keep up to date with our daily specials sent directly to your mobile phone. Show this message and receive 20% off your next Meal!

More SMS Marketing Messages
Welcome to Linda’s Diner! Today, between 11:30am and 2 pm try our new specialty –vegetable Lasagna for 20% off! Get a free dessert with this message as a Valued Club customer.

New French Cuisine week at Linda’s! Mon-Fri, 11:30 am-3 pm. Fresh gourmet French entrée’s with homemade sauce.  French Pastries baked especially for you.

Nightclubs, Lounges and Bars

The 21 to 30 year old target audience for nightclubs and bars matches the key text message demographic. This makes mobile marketing an inexpensive way to increase a nightclub’s customer’s attendance, opt-in database and generate an ongoing stream of new and existing customers. The customers simply text a keyword, such as “Clubs” to a 5-digit shortcode and are instantly provided with information about, events, band schedules, specials, make reservations, directions, and can even RSVP to events.

·    Promote upcoming or tonight’s events
Build your opt-in list and update patrons with details and times for upcoming events such as bands, celebrities, game and theme nights and more.
·    Increase customer awareness and loyalty
Keep patrons updated on all nightclub news, refurbishments, new menus etc.
·    Increase Customers
Offer a Free Member’s Club. Customers can join by texting a keyword like “join”. You can then keep your patrons updated on all your events, specials & promotions.
·    Sales promotions
Fill your club on slow nights by texting promotions such as 2 for 1 drinks, no cover, live music, meal specials, etc.

Dance Club SMS Marketing Sample:
Sample Opt-in Promotion:  This promotion can be given to everyone entering the establishment as Handouts and Flyers or printed on drink cups. DJs can make special announcements during the night or details can be placed on a large screen TV. Radio and print advertising can also be utilized.
*Get a free drink now by joining our free Members Club! Send text message “JOIN” to 12345  from your cell phone and show the return message at the bar. As a Club Member you will receive exclusive alerts about special events and promotions directly on your cell phone screen.

* Get into the club for free! Simply text FREE to 2345 to join our Members-Club. As a special member you will get special info sent directly to your cell phone. The return message will be your free admission ticket.
Sample Text Message
*Ladies Night this and every Thursday Night. Get 2 for 1 special till 10:00 PM! No cover charge with this message!

*Cool Jazz night. Come enjoy live jazz this Thursday at 9:00 PM.  Free Drinks in the Members Club area during live Jazz performance. Keep this message as your Members
pass to the party.

Clubs, Societies or Private Community

·    New members and lapsed members
·    promotions to prospective members
·    special offers during quiet period
·    Generate leads
·    Promote events & classes
·    Improved communication

Tennis Club
Sample Opt-in Promotion (displayed at the tennis club and newspapers/radio ads)
Join our Preferred club for tennis and get special membership discounts sent directly to your mobile phone. Send a text message LOVE to 12345 and get 2 weeks free.
Sample text marketing message:
Get a 6-month membership card – get 2 additional months free. Open Mon-Sat. between 67AM-8 PM. Enjoy the spring weather!

Kick Boxing Club
Sample Opt-in Promotion: Become a preferred member by texting Kick to 12345. Receive special marshal arts training courses and demonstrations and will get discounts off the admission fee.
Sample text marketing message:
Join our kick-boxing classes and get free training pads. Experienced professional instructors. Open Mon.-Sat between 12 PM-7 PM. Get strong and have fun.

Real Estate

SMS Real Estate Marketing is a creative way of marketing a home through the use of text messaging. Allow potential buyers on the spot details about your property. The home buyer sends in a simple text message located on the sign in the front yard, and they instantly receive information, photos and pricing directly to mobile phone. In addition, the Real Estate Agent also receives a text message and an email with the phone # of the prospect while they are still in front of the house. The agent now is connected with a potential client, who is looking to purchase a home in the area, who you normally wouldn’t even know existed.
·    Text Message Marketing Flyers
·    Mobile Property Sites
·    No more filling brochure boxes
·    An engaging listing tool – win more listings
·    Agent contact information
·    Property Description
·     Mobile Virtual Tour with all MLS information

The Realtor places a “For Sale” sign in the yard of the property you’re trying to sell with the following:

Spacious Home For Sale
Call Ken at 555-321-1234
TEXT “Oak Drive” to 23456
For Details & Photos

A prospect interested in the house texts “Oak Drive” to the short code 23456 and receives get an immediate response. They get the following pertinent information and pictures that might peak their interest:
·    Number of Bedrooms
·    Number of Bathrooms
·    Price of the Home
·    Gas or Electric Heating
·    Picture of the Kitchen
·    Picture of the Fenced Backyard
·    Picture of the Fireplace
·    Your contact info (most important)
Financial Services

Banking, Stock Brokerage, Debt Recovery, Tax Planning, Mortgages, Insurance and Loans all benefit from mobile marketing.
·    Stock market updates
·    Bank Balances
·    Customer Communication
·    Improved customer service
·    Information request
·    Annual renewals & taxes
·    Call Back Services
·    Address and hours
·    Payment Reminders
·    Customer Surveys and questionnaires
·    Special and Promotions
·    24 hour information
·    Information about new events/changes


·    Patient Appointment reminders
Use scheduled SMS messages instead of expensive and time consuming phone calls or letters to set patient reminders.
·    Fill canceled appointments. Two way text messaging lets patients cancel appointments, allowing the time to be filled by another patient.
·    Schedule Check reminders: Remind patients that it is time for their 6 month dental check-up. These reminders can be set months in advance.
·    Vaccine reminders.
·    Appointment Reminders
·    Prescription Reminders
·    Payment Reminders
·    Birthday Messages
·    Promotions / Specials
·    Address & Hours
·    Schedule Changes


·    Room Rate Discounts
·    Reservation and Cancelation Confirmations
·    New Hotel Openings
·    Locations
·    Club Membership
·    Customer Surveys and questionnaires
·    Special and Promotions

Travel Agency 

·    24 hour information
·    Travel tips
·    Call back services
·    Sweepstakes and prizes
·    Flight plans, travel information, traffic bulletins
·    Surveys and questionnaires
·    Updates and travel changes
·    Travel itineraries

School and University

·    Class Schedules
·    School Notices
·    Information about new events/changes
·    Test Information and requirements
·    Reminder services
·    Emergency notices and instructions
·    Social and School event updates