5 books every digital marketer should read

Books are a man’s best friend and so is the Digital Marketer’s. Its importance is such that even in today’s digital age; books can never be ignored if one is looking for an in-depth knowledge on a certain subject. Now-a-days, with a single click on the mouse hundreds of book names are displayed by many sites like amazon.com, goodreads.com and educart.com for the Digital Marketer to select from. Therefore, given below is a comprehensive list of 5 books that every digital marketer should read to grasp a strong know-how in his work area:

1. Contagious: Why Things Catch on, Author: Jonah Berger
This book is about how products and services can be associated with the emotions of the customer through amazing advertising contents. By doing it so, the awareness on the products and services go viral through the most cost-effective and performance enhancing marketing tool ‘word-of-mouth’.

The entire concept is explained in a simple but influencing way through the six steps ‘STEPS Model’ that mentions Social Currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical Value and Stories. This is an important book for a Digital Marketer who may want to build customer trust through a positive word-of-mouth.

2. YOUtility, Author: Jay Baer
This book suggests a unique approach towards effective marketing by introducing a helping approach to the target audience and their contacts. The attitude to help the viewers has a powerful impact than trying to push products and services their way.

The book emphasizes on sharing of information in a helpful manner that can generate new customers and retain the existing ones. It teaches a new concept for the new age in a simple way through powerful inspiring stories and examples. It is for the new Digital Marketer looking for freshness in the marketing strategies.

3. Permission Marketing, Author: Seth Godin
The term ‘Permission Marketing’ was introduced in 1998 by Seth Godin according to whom the traditional ways of direct marketing were intervening customer’s personal space, thus irritating the customers that made the tools quite ineffective.

‘Permission Marketing’ explains how marketers can propagate advertisements to customers so that they accept advertisements voluntarily. This book is a must for those who are looking for long term relations with their customers.

4. Search Engine Optimization Secrets, Author: Danny Dover
Every Digital Marketer should know how a search engine operates and the various ways to optimize their sites to the search engines. Concepts are made clear through practical on-the-job examples.

Enriched with tips and strategies of advanced SEO techniques used by most professional SEO consultants, this book covers thoroughly the entire range from all basic concepts of SEO till the most advanced ones, also including insights on how a competitor’s strategies can be analyzed towards self improvement.

5. Digital Leader, Author: Erik Qualman
This book relates to all the opportunities that digital age has provided to those who want to outreach people in all directions. Advanced technologies have showered innumerable prospects to influence others in the digital world. ‘Digital Leader’ helps to find out why and how each golden opportunity should not be missed.
The entire concept is explained in the five steps ‘STAMP’ process that talks about the five basic habits of digital leaders who are made and not born. These five habits are being ‘simple’, ‘true’, ‘act’, ‘map’ and ‘people’. This is a good book for Digital Marketers who desire to emerge as leaders in this information age.