Promoting Your Brand with Google Apps

Have you been trying to promote you small business online? If so, then you may have tried various types of online promotional methods such as Pay-per-click marketing, Facebook advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Mailing list population and blogging. While these marketing methods can help your business establish a strong presence in the web, their mediums may be too saturations. But of course, dominating the mediums where these methods work is still possible. However, doing so will not only cost you a lot of money but it will also take a lot of your time.

The Latest Best Online Advertising Alternative

Since it won’t be time-and-cost-efficient for your business to promote itself through traditional online marketing methods, you have to utilize a new type of online promotional method that uses a fresh advertising medium that isn’t saturated and that would be developing Google apps. These apps are posted on the Google Play Store which is Android’s official app distribution hub. With your developed apps posted on Play Store, you can provide free applications to Android users while promoting your business at the same time.

Getting Started With Google Apps

Now that you have a new promotion method at your marketing arsenal, you can now start developing Google apps. If you are an experienced programmer or have people who can do this for you, this can be very easy. However, merely creating an app and submitting it to Google Play doesn’t guarantee that customers will start availing of your business’ products and services. Before you start developing apps there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. First, it has to be something that provides value. Apps in Google Play are rated by users according to quality and functionality. If you are published apps don’t deliver value then it will get a low rating which will decrease your chances of establishing a strong market presence. Next, you have to keep in mind that the apps you develop help reinforce that brand image of your business. If your business is into bicycle supplies, you can make relevant applications such as a visual bicycle builder or a bicycle parts database app. If you’re business is into making cakes, you can make cake designer apps.

Trial and Error Process

Promoting your business by developing Google apps is a trial and error process. Your first few apps may not make that cut right away and you may have to create a dozen of apps before having users giving your apps high rating and customers buying your business’ products and services. With this, you will need to be patient. In the end, it is all good for you will be able to promote your business is less time without spending a lot of money.

Having a Dozen of Ideas

Creating a list of Google app ideas will help you in the long run so you should make it a point to list them down and save them for future references. Future Google app ideas can help you with other promotion campaigns for your current and future business endeavors.

Now that you are all set towards promoting your business and earning more profit, make sure that you don’t limit your advertising resources to the one discussed above. Feel free to explore other advertising mediums. It is a good way for you and your business to grow.