Protecting Your Computer against Viruses and Spyware

Technical advancements such as the widespread use of the internet provide numerous facilities to users but they also have certain disadvantages which make their use very difficult. The biggest disadvantage that can be attributed to the internet is the massive and rapid spread of viruses and spyware programs. These viruses destroy a perfectly healthy computer like biological viruses destroy life form. They spread throughout the computer in the same way viruses spread in living creatures and cause various malfunctions intended to destroy the host.

The internet is not the only source of transfer of these viruses. Popular removable disks such as USB flash memory disks are a common medium for the transfer of these viruses and malicious programs. The virus spread methodology is basically very simple. If a virus is present in some computer and a removable disk is connected to this system, then the virus creates a copy of itself on the disk and whenever that disk is connected to some other system, the virus again creates a copy of itself on that system. Thus, the virus keeps on spreading across systems.

Prevention from these viruses and other malicious programs is very essential for smooth running of the computer system. These viruses can cause temporary as well as permanent damage to the computer system which might result in hardware failure, data loss, corruption of valuable data, leaking of personal information and many other such problems. As medications are needed for prevention and cure of biological viruses, some tools or specific “software” are required for the prevention and cure of computer viruses. These tools should be able to prevent a virus from spreading within the system and should also be able to clean and delete the virus.

These preventative programs are called antivirus software packages. A number of companies develop different kinds of antivirus programs which have a unique algorithm to search and destroy malicious programs and viruses. The virus information database of these software packages is updated as frequently as possible to enable them to detect new viruses and malicious programs. The ratings for the best antivirus software program are subject to continuous change. It’s a tough competition market and the antivirus program with the largest virus database and efficient algorithm for detection and prevention of virus attacks wins the market. There are number of popular antivirus programs that include Norton, Kaspersky, Bit Defender, NOD32, MacAfee etc, but in order to select the best antivirus software, you need to read top antivirus software reviews.

To keep your precious computer system or network secure, you should keep tags on the latest news relating to antivirus programs. The best way is to keep on reading reviews of the latest editions of these antivirus software packages so that any change or improvement in algorithm of a particular program is not left unnoticed. Only by this method, you would be able to keep a standalone computer system or an entire network safe from these virus attacks. For instance, if a new version of a popular antivirus, let’s say a new version of webroot antivirus, is made available; then you should read webroot antivirus review of the latest version to get a picture of the new improvement and their effect. Protecting your computers from virus attacks is very important and a little prevention can save you from a disaster.