How to Improve Your Business Using Social Media?

SMM for business

Connecting with people worldwide  is becoming more and more easier as each day passes by, thanks to a lot of Social networking sites and also to the God of all networking activities, the Internet! Everything, from food to air tickets, is available in a click from your desktop. As a result, the business deals are also being done with the help of these social networking sites and let us see how they help:

1. Website

The owner should have a website stating why the product has been released. It should indicate about the plus points of the product through the website to create a hype and also to make a feel to the users that it is real. It should be attractive and eye-catching as well.

2. Provide links to Social Networking Sites

The owner of the product should publicize the website/links to the product using the social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut and should start discussions on them to get feedback on the product.

3. Blogging

Blogging about the product and its updates, can fetch more feedback compared to Social networking sites because posts in blogs are public and those in Social networking sites are not.

4. Twitter Account

The owner of the product/organisation, that he/she wish to publicize about, can make a twitter account and ask the users to follow the product in Twitter, the micro blogging site. Keep on “tweeting” about each and every updates about the product and thus the users will be able to use it accordingly.

5. Upload Videos

Services like Youtube and Metacafe can be used to upload videos/advertisements of the products and the links to the videos can be published using any of the above media.

6. Shopping web sites

Use shopping websites like ebay and Paypal for selling the products rather than opting for payment via credit card. Better payment methods can be adopted for better sale of the products.

7. Communities

Discussions or online meetings should be held to discuss about the products involving the customers, who have used the products. The comments, good or bad, should be accepted and necessary changes must be made to bring out a better product in to the market. Communities can be started in social networking sites. Involving the public more in to the communities can help in reducing the surveys done via advertisement agency resulting in a change in the revenue obtained.

8. Reduce TV/Print Media advertisements

The companies/organisations are spending huge amount of money in making and releasing advertisements on TV/Print media. The amount is so huge and they are actually used in letting the public know about the offers on the product released. The purpose can be met through the social networking sites.

9. Analysis

The business of the product have to be analysed either using data and statistics that can obtained using Google Analytics. The interest of the customers towards the particular product can be identified using the service. The help of an external agency or a business analyst can be avoided to an extent.

10. Offers

The owner can interact directly with the public, giving them attractive offers and thus he/she can increase the sale. Youth can be easily attracted since they spent more time on social sites.