Web Marketing: SEO, Social Media Marketing

We’ve got to get together sooner or later because the revolution’s here-and you know it’s right! – TP

Doesn’t it seem there’s always an “online marketing revolution” going on? Are you confused by all the advice from marketing “gurus”?

While no one loves a good revolution more than we do, our approach to Internet marketing starts with the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’ll develop and design your website to be optimized for your keyphrases using content people can really use along with programming that attracts the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a process, not an event. It starts with keyphases in the appropriate places in your content and in the coding of your website. There are good practices to follow, we know every one of them, and gimmicks to avoid to keep you from being ‘punished’ or even banned by the search engines.

The face of SEO has changed more dramatically in the last year than we’ve seen in the previous 9. Local search, instant search, video and product feeds have changed the way that search engines present results to searchers. Your investment in a beautifully designed and useful website begs for the services of an experienced SEO firm.

Social Media Marketing

Since the Internet became mainstream, people have been looking for a way to use it to connect with others, and those with websites have been looking for a way to widely market to any given group. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have produced a revolutionary way for people to connect which has created a bit of a revolution in the opportunities to market to target groups.

Using Social Media, your business can connect with people in a way not previously available online. Pro-pr.org sees a real advantage to the website owner to use social sites to connect and communicate their marketing message, driving traffic to your website.

We not only encourage the use of Social Media, but we can help you customize your Social presence to stand out from the herd. Contact us to explore Facebook page customization.

Mobile Marketing

The next wave in the revolution is already hitting the beaches and Pro-pr.org is currently making sure sites are mobile friendly. We anticipate users taking the next step from searching the web to being able to conveniently purchase from you using their mobile device.

Pro-pr.org does participate in developing smart phone applications specifically for our customers’ businesses. Talk to us about a mobile app your customers could use, and we’ll turn it into a reality. We already have some ideas waiting for you!