How Good is your e-Commerce SEO?

E-commerce seoAs a business, you understand how important the internet is for attracting customers. You’ve done your share of traditional marketing with print advertisements, flyers, inserts, and so on. This form of marketing is getting less attention, but will likely always retain value – at least until current generations get old.

When it comes to online marketing, the rules keep mutating as more businesses use it, and the search engines keep changing their search algorithms to keep everyone on an even playing field. This is good news because the engines don’t care how big or little your business is. They only care about your content.

The SEO Factor
What is consistent is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital to your internet success. Configuring content with relevant keywords (search terms, like “jungle gym”) is essential for search engines to find you, evaluate you, and place you onto the search pages for customers to find.

There are some main factors that weigh into your content optimization – quality, relevancy, and source amounts. If you focus on just one of these factors, you’ll get some leverage, but you won’t climb to the top of the Web heap.

It used to be that any content – even incomprehensible, poorly written content – was good enough to garner interest from the search engine crawlers (a.k.a., spiders, or the code that reads all internet content). You could also pack a ton of keywords and phrases in all sorts of ways, including putting a hundred “jungle gyms” in white or black that customers wouldn’t see against the background, but the spiders could read.

Since then, the spiders were designed to be much smarter, and most of these old techniques are now considered “black hat” tactics and forbidden.

Getting Your e-Commerce SEO Done Right
Now, there are SEO marketing companies sprouting like buds on a tree. Some of these companies are worth every penny they ask for. Others, not so much. But, there is a way for you to do your own SEO on your own terms.

There are some eCommerce SEO companies that are offering software that can do the work of many SEO companies. You’ll still have to hire a good writer for your content, but you can do your own research at a much smaller price.

The advantage to doing this yourself is that you can control what needs to be changed, what tactics are going to be best for your company, and what factors you want to emphasize. How good is your e-Commerce SEO? You decide.