Organic link building strategy via WordPress Theme

Get extra links by sponsoring WordPess theme development

Have you guys heard about WordPress Theme Sponsorhip? Well, in the event you can find and sponsor the right WordPress theme, and it could help you to rapidly increase your website Google Page Rank, because it will receive a large volume of one way incoming links yet less expensive, & more effective, than you thought.

The most talked about topics on the net today is the best way to get organic backlinks to your website and effectively advertise your website at the same time. When you sponsor a WordPress theme, you are fundamentally paying the WordPress Designer to place a quantity of your links on the sponsored theme.  This is a one-time price & you will continuously enjoy the benefits as long as the theme is available for blogger to use.  you can pay up to $15 per link, or as small as $70 for all of your links.  If your wordpress theme is unique and truly exceptional, it can quickly become popular as the wordpress themes you sponsored spreads in various theme sites and forum. A sponsored link in the footer usually remains, along with credit under the terms of use subject issued by the designer. This can generate thousands of backinks easy for the sponsor.

Having links on sites with related content will help your site rise in the search engine rankings.  Having a link on a site that isn’t related to yours may help build up your page rank, but won’t help much in the search rankings. It is best to pick a theme that best resembles the site that you are linking to.  In the event you run a betting site, you ought to pick a betting theme.  This is preferred because the sites that download & use the theme will more likely have content related to the content on your site. So how can sponsoring a theme cause your site to go viral?  The first part of developing a viral website is making sure that people will need to discuss it.  The second part is exposure.  You will need to develop loads of traffic to your site, & those people need to link to your site.

Sponsor A WordPress Theme & Promote Your Website. If the WordPress theme you sponsor receives a humogous amount of downloads per day, it will increase the chances that the same thing will happen to your site.  Therefore it is important to pick a well designed theme.  Choosing the right theme can mean the difference between hundreds & thousands of every day visits. When you look at the preliminary investment of anywhere form fifteen to fifty dollars per theme, & the potential value of the investment, there  isn’t any query whether or not you ought to sponsor a WordPress theme.  The only query is which one to sponsor.

I have here one example of sponsored wordpress theme. Let’s start with this very attractive wordpress theme named “Astro“. The “Astro” wordpress theme in the last quarter of 2008 and receives a download amount of 15,158 since 2008 and still counting from 1 fair theme site.

So you think theme sponsorship is a total waste of investments and time? Not really, It is a golden opportunity for you to receives hundred to thousands of organic incoming links. Theme sponsorship is something that is worth paying for. If you are looking for themes to sponsor, there are tons of good designers around the world wide web.