More about Geo targeting SEO

What is Geo targeting? This definition appeared comparably not so long ago. Geo targeting is the activity of advertisement and customizing for a certain product and service to a concrete market and audience according to geographic location of targeted clients. Every country, state, city or district in the world can include a niche market with certain product or service at certain times.

Local SEO Tip: Have an address in the local town or city that you’re targeting. Without local address there, you can’t rank high in the local search results for that location. You can, however, still rank in the normal local search results for geographic keywords, which are normally displayed above the local Google maps.

In the wilds of Internet, Geo targeting helps small and new businesses to rival with national and popular brands and can provide that large corporations effectively make use of their advertising goods. For example, manufacturer of conditioners may run ads in May and June targeted at residents of the Louisiana, Texas and Florida in preparation for the hottest season. As another example, suppose you are a realtor just getting started in the business and you’re looking for clients in certain state, e.g. New Jersey, your website must be optimized according to required region.

Geographically targeted ads can enhance quires significantly over “blind advertisement”. The results, which displayed to inquiries, depend on the geographical targeting of your web site.

Local SEO Tip: Before choosing right keywords to your website “Put yourself into customers’ shoes” and find out what keyword would you like to type. Sometimes it is better to focus on less popular keywords too that have a higher probability of making sales instead of limiting yourself just with popular keywords that will drive a lot of traffic.

Many advertisers should use geo targeting. Even if your business serving all location of the world, you should detach your branches by country and display this separating on your website, because people behave differently in depending on their location in certain part of the world, and what works in one region may not work in another.

Local SEO Tip: Language style used in content has to be familiar to population in certain locations. Nothing can damage your credibility like displaying content that asserts one thing while the language itself shows another. Remember, readers are very susceptible to local slangs and dialects. They will realize when language doesn’t “ring true.”

In conclusion let’s notice that Geo targeting is very important element of your website working and Google Pagerank.