Help Your Website Recover From A Google Penalty

Some website owners, on looking at their rankings are shocked to discover that since yesterday, their important keywords that were on page one of Google are now on page four, or even worse. They are wondering what on Earth has happen to their rankings, and what will become of they business profit. When this occurs, it is due to a manual penalty imposed by Google or an algorithm update.

For those who do not know what a manual penalty is, it means that a human being from Google has looked at your web pages, and have noticed that certain aspects of your site do not comply with Google guidelines. There is a number of reasons for this, the main ones being, low quality links, many of which may have been bought, and thin or badly written content. Google absolutely detests paid links, and they only want content that is informative to their users. Content must always be unique and never duplicated or copied from other websites. Constantly repeating keywords is also against Google guidelines and is what is referred to as spam. If you suspect that your website has suffered from a manual penalty check in Google webmaster where you should find a message notifying you of this. The fact that Google gives you some indication what is wrong makes it easier to rectify.

An Algorithm can be imposed for a number of reasons. Google has 200 factors that determine the ranking of all websites. They are all in place to give the best experience to everyone using Google.Some of these 200 factors include quality links, correct keyword density, well written content, relevant titles, and many other signals.Some website owners disregard Google’s guidelines, and feel that they do not matter, as their website is ranking quite well. However if you ignore Google’s guidelines you do so at your own peril. It may be possible to get away with this for a short time, but soon your website will sink into oblivion.

As already stated,with a manual penalty, Google will advise of this via your webmaster account. You can then deal with whatever caused the penalty, and when fixed ask Google for a reconsideration. Once granted, your rankings should improve again. With an algorithm penalty it is more difficult to find the reason for it. The best thing to do is to ascertain what Google updates coincide with the decrease in your rankings. You can check when Google updates happened by using Moz events diary. The main algorithms are Penguin and Panda, with the forma being about links and the latter being about content.

As with anything else, it is possibly better to hire an expert, and in this case it is an SEO specialist who can help your website recover from a Google penalty. can help your website recover from a Google penalty in addition to providing all your website and SEO requirements