Article Directories: How SEO-friendly its Links Actually Are?

Search Engine Optimization has become very popular over the recent years. Many people are using it to maximize visitors to their websites, an important aspect of online marketing. Link building has also gained popularity to people engaging in online marketing. However, it is important to know that in most cases, links count only when search engines are able to detect them or read them.

What is an SEO friendly link?
When submitting a website into a web directory, many people always want to ensure that the link they get from this directory will be counted by search engines. This is not a bad idea. However, very few web directories will give you links which will not be counted by search engines. These are the links which can be said not to be SEO friendly. Thus, an SEO friendly link is the one that will be counted by search engines.

How friendly are article directory links to SEO
When you build backlinks you could be doing the most important thing as far as SEO is concerned. This is because article and website directories are very important tools used by web masters in promoting their websites. Thus, web and article directory are capable of building backlinks and increase traffic and exposure to a website. Today, there are various resources for link building which provide articles and web directories which are SEO friendly to web masters. These include niche, general and even article directories.

Article submission
In majority of these article directories, it might take you some time to submit articles. This is because you have to log in, format and submit these articles in the right article directory format. You also have to wait for sometime before you can get the article in a feasible exposure. As such, this can take you a bit of your time. In that case, it is advisable that you make sure that the article directory where you submit your articles brings you as many backlinks and visitors as possible.

Article directory links are very friendly to SEO. However, the most important thing is to choose the directory where you submit your articles wisely. You can use the Google PageRank or Alexa rating which are the two main ratings used by web users to determine website qualities. These are the most used ratings which many people stick to when deciding a directory that is worth submitting their articles to.

Nevertheless, it is important to also consider themed websites. This will make your article directory link friendlier to SEO. As such, it is always advisable to find out if there is a site or article directory that is focusing on your topic. Choose a directory that is focusing on your topic.
To get effective article directory links that are friendly to SEO, it is advisable to look for names of various article directories, their URLs and rating. This will increase the chances of getting article directory with links that are friendlier to SEO.