Has Your Audience Gone Mobile?

It’s no longer a secret, more and more people are opening your email marketing campaigns up and viewing them on their mobile devices.  The big question is are you’re emailers mobile friendly?

In 2012 there was an astonishing 80% increase in the number of people viewing email newsletters on their smartphones or tablets. Overall approx 45% of all people are viewing email campaigns by way of a mobile device or tablet. These are big numbers and the trend is only increasing.

Why is having a mobile friendly email design important?

Have you ever been on your smart phone and actually tried reading some email newsletters from companies? Most of them are not mobile friendly leaving you to try and read the microscopic text or pinching and resizing, then scrolling down and doing the same… it’s a hassle to say the least.

Wouldn’t it just be great if the emailers you received were easy to ready and you didn’t always have to try and make the text and images larger? The answer is most definitely “Yes”.

Why aren’t more companies email campaigns mobile friendly then?

The short answer is that they’ve likely spent a lot of time and effort designing their email campaigns BUT never thought how they’d look on a mobile device at all. Secondly it can be a bit complicated as there is much more effort into designing and ensuring that the emailer works great across all kinds of devices and all kinds of email clients (ie. Outlook, Hotmail etc).

Bottom line creating and designing email marketing newsletters is not always for the feint of heart.