Meta Title and Tags: Final SEO Guide

Merely getting a website designed and developed, and getting it hosted on a server will not serve the purpose of getting a strong foot hold on net. The prime motive is to get visitors on the website who are also the potential customers for a business house or it can be said that they are traffic generators for bloggers, writers, etc who will improve the page ranking in major search engine. But then how to attract these visitors?

There are several search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL. Traffic arriving to websites through these search engines is called “Organic Traffic” and this is the most preferred and beneficial traffic for all the websites. Visitor’s search their requirements on these search engines and based on the requirement search engines fetches the result. All the websites require optimization to get presence in the result fetched by search engines.

Apart from the content of the website, title and meta tags play a major role in getting a better page ranking in search engines. Both, title and meta tags need optimization for better ranking in search engines. Title is the page title which is displayed on the top left corner of the browser. It is added in the web page using the HTML tags. Meta tags are not seen on the website but are an integral part of the website. These are included in the web page using tag.

Title of the webpage should describe the content of the webpage. It should use targeted keywords which has a large search volume and which people would type in to search engines. To achieve a high page rank the title should be relevant to the content of the website.

Title with the help of keywords should highlight the products and services being offered by the website. Length of the title shouldn’t be very big, keep it restricted to six to 12 words or fifty to eighty characters long. This will lessen the burden on search engines and the information provided would be used properly. If there is a long list of products and services to offer then use relevant title for that specific page instead of overloading the title of all the web pages.

There are two major meta tags which need optimization. One is meta description tag and the other meta keyword tag.

Meta description tag should include the description of the page and not merely a repetition of title. It should include primary keywords to describe the page. Don’t over stuff meta description with keywords. Restrict the length of meta description tag to 150 to 200.

Meta keyword tag will contain all the keywords for which the search engine will rank the website. This tag is not entertained by all the search engines. There should not be much repetition of keywords. Size preferences for meta keywords is different for different search engines. MSN allows 1024 characters whereas HotBot allows 75 characters. Avoid any sort of penalization by not exceeding repetition of keywords three to seven times, advisable stick to three repetitions.