Most Persistent Person in the World Clicks Page 3 of Google Search Results

Even though he invested superhuman efforts, Jeremy did not find what he was looking for.

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA – Jeremy Davis, 29-year-old coffee shop employee from Burbank, Santa Clara County in California, has been declared as “the most persistent person in the world” for clicking page 3 of Google search results, The Global Edition finds out.

Jeremy, who has been really interested in pursuing his subject and learning as much as possible about it, went all the way to page 3 of Google search results which no man before him ever did.

Mr. Davis explained that all he wanted to find was “the new Tara Reid Playboy photos” to find out if her boobs are now “even or if are they still asymmetrical”, without actually buying the latest magazine issue.

“I needed to see them, but I certainly wasn’t going to buy the damn magazine just for that”, said Jeremy.

The coffee shop employee said that unscrambled new Tara Reid boob photos aren’t that easy to find for free on the internet.

“First I tried browsing through the Google images, but that was leading me nowhere, so I went back to the general search and started checking the results website by website”, he added.

Jeremy’s closest friend at first didn’t believe him, until they saw his browser history with their own two eyes. “I heard legends about a guy from France, who was a scientist or something like that, making it to the end of page 2 and going insane, but page 3? I didn’t think it was even possible”, said Steve Woznyak (31).

In the end, Jeremy Davis from Burbank didn’t find what he was looking for and gave up on page 3 of Google search results after picking up “millions of hardware eating viruses”. Although he didn’t complete his quests, after hearing about his effort, actress Tara Reid awarded the 29-year-old for his outstanding achievement by sending signed high resolution photos, because he “wasn’t interested in owning the actual magazine”.