Good Bye Archive.Org. Hello

We recently blogged about, their site redesign and the problems with load times and other issues they were having – today’s news will probably be the final nail in the coffin for the troubled venture. DomainTools have announced the release to the public of their new website

As the name suggests, the website features screenshots of millions of websites taken through time by Domaintools’ own crawlers. We found it fun to look at screenshots of as it evolved over time, or more interestingly,,, or, just to name a few.

According to DomainTools’ blog, they have amassed a total of 254,819,641 website screenshots and counting to date. That is massive!

This tool will definitely come in handy when decided to buy an expired domain name or an existing website or domain name as you have the history of said domain name at fingertips (something I was hoping for from – but never truly got for reasons mentioned earlier).

Own a site that has evolved over time and been captured by Or can you think of a general site that has had major aesthetic surgery from launch to present? Do share with us in the comments below.