Top 4 Tech Gadgets for Distance Studying

Online classes are becoming increasingly popular. For some students, they are a bit of an adjustment. When learning at home, it is important to be prepared for the different school atmosphere and have all the right gadgets to keep you on track.

Kno App

Going to the school library, paying hundreds of dollars, and leaving with an armful of books is one way to pick up textbooks each semester. A new and easy method is to download the Kno App for your phone, tablet, or laptop. Kno is a new eLearning app designed to help students on-the-go. Buy your textbook as an eBook and save up to 50%. With Kno, you are able to highlight and sticky note your eBook and share it with your instructors or peers. Kno allows you to take all of your textbooks anywhere you go, and you are not forced to carry the 50-pound backpack. Make studying easier with Kno’s flashcard and quiz features and do an advanced search through your textbook to find a specific term or topic.

mLearning Devices

mLearning is a growing trend used by students and learning institutions. mLearning is defined as the ability to connect and learn through mobile devices and on-the-go. This new style of learning is great for online students because of its easy access and portability. BlackBoard, a database used to help educators connect and share documents with the students at home, has recently launched a series of applications called Mobile Central. This allows learning institutions to customize documents and other learning materials into mobile content. Students can now access course catalogs, online libraries, and anything else the instructors post on the mobile portal. mLearning allows online students to stay connected and bring their course material anywhere they go.


Whether you are getting a political science degree or studying English as an online student, it is important to stay organized and keep everything in one place. Your important documents need to be filed away, from photos to documents and charts. DropBox is an online cloud storage system made for this very reason. Starting at 2GB of storage, it allows the user to save files to the cloud straight from your computer or phone. Everything is easily accessible on the DropBox website, even without internet connection. DropBox also has a mobile app so all of your photos and files are available wherever you go. What’s the best part of all of this? It’s free!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Taking classes online means that anywhere can be your classroom, whether you decide to learn at home or prefer a coffeehouse or library. There is no need to seek a quiet corner to find some peace and quiet. Noise cancelling headphones are a life-saving gadget for students on-the-go. These headphones are perfect for learning anywhere that suits you. Instead of raising the volume to block out unwanted noise, these headphones actually isolate the noise and remove it, while preserving the audio. Noise cancelling headphones are produced by most popular brands including Bose, Sony, and Logitech.

These four tech gadgets are perfect for keeping an online student organized and connected at all times.