Office or no Office: Internet Marketer Dilemma

Office space. The word sounds so nice – so friendly. Unfortunately, it can sometimes not be so friendly to your wallet. As an Internet marketer – having an office where employees can gather sounds like the ultimate form of success. After this happens – you finally can feel like you truly made it.

But are offices truly all they are made out to be?

Depending on where you live, office space prices can really fluctuate. If you live in the big city, office space can cost you all of your profits if you try to “go big or go home.”


An office can really make people be more productive. The feeling of driving to work everyday can add a lot of normality to your life. Getting out of your house everyday is absolutely essential to a lot of people’s happiness and success.

When you are at the office, you are there to work, and there are a lot less distractions. It also gives you the ability to work with everyone in a one on one and face to face environment. Collaboration on projects when everyone is within speaking distance makes the over all workflow much better.


Although working together when everyone is in close vicinity make things easier – it is not always cost effective. There are many different costs that come along with owning an office – like buying all of the furniture, and maintaining the office – to name a few. You will also find that no matter how good you think your discipline is, you will always end up spending more money each week during lunch time.

For instance it is still possible to collaborate with others, even if they live on the other side of the world, with an internal collaborating system. These systems are a lot cheaper than owning an office (and I am not even including the gas process it costs to get there everyday), and though they may not be as effective, they may perhaps be more cost-effective.

They allow you to collaborate with others by creating projects, task lists, custom databases, and milestones. It is a backend workplace for everyone involved in your company that be used to help make you work flow increase by cutting out the time it takes to say the same thing to ten different people via email, Skype, or telephone.

In the end, it ultimate comes down to what type of business you are running or what type of employees you have throughout that business. For instance, it is very easy to work with other writers that are working from home, but it isn’t as easy to work with some one that is going to be doing all sorts of different types of jobs throughout the day. If you are running an Internet marketing company, chances are that you have a lot of people that may do best if they are in fact working from home. Perhaps a combination of people that come in to the office and people that stay home to do their work would work best for you? Ultimately it is up to you. It almost sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?