How to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Video Ads

Facebook has gone through many updates recently, from Notes, to emotional reactions, then moving profile pictures, but the biggest game-changer: video ads. If you’re looking for a better way to connect with your Facebook audience, this is it! This new alternative to traditional ads is a powerful tool and  allows you to tell a story in a new and engaging way.

Standing apart from your competition is the main objective, but how do you do this? A good thing to remember is you can elevate your reach, engagement and conversations by making small adjustments to the way you target and design your Facebook video ads.

Utilize these tips to drastically improve your video ads:

1. Create Content Based on Your Customer

Don’t focus on telling the whole story of your brand. Instead, focus on one product or service. This can help you capture a more specific audience and will be more likely to get interactions. A video based on one product or service will get a direct response, whereas one based on your company story will usually be better for general branding purposes. Find out who your audience is and take advantage!

TIP: If you don’t know your Facebook audience, you can use Facebook Audience Insights to find out the breakdown of their gender, age, lifestyle and more.

2. Get The Audience’s Interests Right The First Time

No one likes to waste their time, so don’t waste your customers’ time with an irrelevant video! You have to grab your audience’s attention within the first five seconds if you hope for them to make it through its entirety. You want your video to have a catchy or mysterious start to lure the viewer in from the beginning. One thing to remember is that Facebook video ads are muted until the viewer clicks the ad, therefore your video must be able to stand on its visuals.

3. Don’t Be Obvious

Remember Facebook is a social media platform, meaning people don’t normally use it as a purchasing platform. Most viewers are on Facebook to catch up with friends, read news and take a break from reality. This means you need to find a subtle, creative way to deliver your message. Try funny content or insightful information!

4. Runtime

Social media in general is known for being quick and to the point. This is no different for your video ads. Lengthy videos can bore your audience — aim for no longer than 30 seconds. Always consider your audience, what you are offering, where the product is available and why your product is important.

5. Test Your Ads

 Imagine logging into Facebook and seeing the same video ad every time. No good, right? Knowing your audience will help optimize your reach and view. Make two videos and test both separately on your audience. This will tell you which video is more effective and will give a better sense of what your audience likes.

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