Article Writing With EzineArticles Plus Stats

I recently blogged about article writing and how useful the technique is in getting targeted traffic and backlinks to sites (especially new sites). In the same post I also mentioned the simple article writing guide which expands on these topics in a simple, easy to follow manner.

A lot of people look at article writing as old school and old fashioned and thus conclude that in today’s social media age it’s not going to bring them the end results they are after – but they couldn’t be further from the truth, and I’ll explain why.

Consider We have been around for 3 years, have a Google PR 3 and carry considerate weight in search results for the article directories industry. As a result of these metrics, when a context specific post is published on it quickly ranks high in search engine results. The same post would not appear in the top 100 search results (generously put) if posted on a new or recently built blog or site.

Now consider article submission directory (free membership). It carries a Google PR 6! It has an Alexa rank of 152 (it’s the 152nd most popular website in the world according to Alexa).

Can you see what I am getting at?

Imagine posting an article on EzineArticles with backlinks to your site. Not only are your chances of ranking high up in search engines for your target keywords increased a 100-fold, you are also getting context relevant backlinks from an authority site. In addition, quality articles get picked up and redistributed across the web – distributing your backlinks on context relevant sites in the process.

For further proof that article writing really works, consider the following stats for 28 articles I submitted for a recently launched website in a mainstream niche (image temporarily not available). Each of the articles has a backlink to said site of mine in the footer. The articles have been live for 4 months.

There were 11,702 views of my titles, my profile for that site was viewed 870 times, and my site links were clicked a whopping 902 times! That’s not even mentioning the number of times the articles (and my backlinks) were distributed on other sites.

Need further proof to try article writing?