Updated Search Terror for SEO

Search engine optimization has been on the Internet for a long time now. It is embedded in almost every nook and cranny of the net especially when it comes to marketing and advertising through the internet. It does not made trends throughout its whole existence but it somehow makes the competition blossom that makes every company attempt to go further and farther and hopefully exceed outside their comfort zones. This is to continue the improvement and the availability of quality products and services.

However, this continued perseverance to attain the best products and services to offer also drives technology to best trim down and inspect their resources and techniques by being the platform that caters to these services and product availability for customers. SEO was one of the best strategies that the IT world has ever began from the Internet. Through SEO’s popularity and ease of use many have trying to predict when and how its reign will end. In 1997, the first death of SEO was declared as search engines had its first major update to limit and check SEO techniques to eliminate poor quality sites from ranking on its result pages.

However, SEO never died. Later on, 2003’s Google Florida update failed to strike the death knell of SEO. Only the Google Panda update of 2011 was able to strike down SEO for awhile. But, as SEO was starting to get up, it was struck down and wounded by the Google Penguin update of 2012. Penguin is known as the Web Spam Algorithm Update. While Panda knocked out 3.1 percent of English queries, Google Penguin has been recently been knocking over 4 queries. Non-English queries are being knocked out between 2 to 6 queries.

The purpose of the updates is the cleaning of link profiles that rely primarily on heavily exact matched anchor texts, irritating comment spams, and other misleading tactics especially fake search engine rankings. However, in spite of this updated search terror for SEO, only a total overall lost query of 6 percent happened globally.

As they say, “you can’t keep a good man down,” and so SEO will live to see another day.