Google Photos thinks About Privacy. We Can Now Hide the Images

Google Photo thinks about privacy, and simplifies the option of hiding some photos from the curious eye. It’s about photos that the user wants to keep intimate about, due to the content or importance they have for him. In the Android app, writes has introduced the “Archive” function that enables image archiving to not match the same with other photos in the gallery folder.

Novelty is also expected in the iPhone and Google Photos web pages, where it is usable through the nautical side menu that enables archiving of sectioned photos. reports that the feature consists in hiding some shots for a casual user demonstrating a photo of the smartphone gallery for the eye of children, family, or friends with whom you can take a moment from the photographic library.

The ability to archive images is also coming to Instagram, where it is currently in the test phase. It is not yet known when and where the publicity function will be officially enabled that allows the privacy of the pictures we have published on the social network.

Novelty is mainly intended for red, intimate, and embarrassed photos, like those with a former partner. explains that thanks to the new function they will no longer be accessible, but at the same time we should not even wipe them out.