Design and 3D printing? No Longer a Futuristic Vision.

Design and 3D printing? No longer a futuristic vision.


Technology is our daily bread. Many of us depend on technology every day to get our jobs done. We could hardly compare our lives nowadays with how they were 20 years ago. What changes did technology bring to the world of design and fashion? 3D printing is one of the very significant inventions in our industry. Are we still going to be buying our clothes at the mall and ordering them online or will we rather order a data package and print our dream piece of design or fashion on our home 3D printer. What does designers, the most competent of us really think?

Zbynek Krulich, Blueberries Jewelry

Undoubtedly, 3D printing is the technology of the future in many sectors. In jewelry, it is already quite common. In fashion we’re still waiting for meaningful materials to use. Although printing products at home is not in the foreseeable future because these technology solutions are expensive and require an professional service. Look at the parallel with classic printing. On the other hand there are already softwares that can stream your 3D model directly to your 3D printer, so it’s no longer a futuristic vision.

From a purely practical point of view we would appreciate distributing our jewelry as data instead of shipping them all the time. 3D printing also brings great artistic freedom. Designers can now design shapes that used to be difficult or nearly impossible to create. Moreover, it is way easier to replicate such a jewel. Not to forget the possibility of 3D simulation softwares. We play with the input parameters, which are able to generate an infinity of final shapes from which we chose the best. #D printing is the fastest way to transfer virtual data into reality.


Eva Nečasová, Spacelights

I’m sure that soon it will be quite normal to have a 3D printer at home and easily buy source files online.I can’t imagine a situation that could at this point reverse this trend. Just look around – people no longer want mass production. For it is absurd! It creates a non-ecological and economic abyss. Imagine someone from a poor region who makes a living from selling their 3D printed models with only a computer and internet connection. And we’re not only talking about a fashion industry.


Lucie Rezbova, mju.

I’m more of a traditional handcraft supporter, but I see that it can be very advantageous source of production for partial components. Almost anything can be transformed into a jewelry. Therefore 3D printing is surely one of the techniques to use. However, it is questionable whether jewel, which is 100% machine-made can be enough personal as those that are handmade. I am sure that soon enough we will have 3D printed houses. These innovations become reality very fast.


Lucie Zemanova, Intimity

3D printing is a major step forward, but I don’t think that people will print everything at home one day. Not all the technologies can be substituted by #D print. Specifically for jewelry it is much more interesting in terms of creating the models and templates for forms. This way it simplifies the manufacturing process. 3D printing simply allows you to make shapes that you could never even imagine with the traditional techniques.


Industry Jewels

3D printing technology in the fashion and jewelery is not at all a question of the future. It’s the present. There was plenty of fashion shows abroad where the clothes was mostly made with this new technology and they were very successful! For us, 3D printing is very interesting in the means of recycling and sustainability. Adidas in their recent project created shoes that were made from plastic material collected around beaches and directly from the sea.