7 Greatest Ways to Boost your Web Design and SEO Ranks

The internet is now more reliable than ever before and with the expansion of mobile device, web design has taken on even stronger web standards. With all of these new standards and trends entering design, there are 7 points that every company must know to make their web design great! Read the 7 ways you can boost your SEO ranks and make your web design even more advanced.

1 – Keyword Targeting. A great web design must focus targeting to achieve SEO success and increase website visibility. Companies should focus on selecting keywords that are completely unique to their brand. The more unique keyword selections, the most accurate results of visibility on a web page. Longer keywords tend to be preferred by search engines because they are even more detailed.

Keyword Tip: Avoid over stuffing keywords in the meta tag section.Use very selected and accurate keywords on each of your web pages.

2 – Web Friendly Colors. Colors play a very important role on a website. Most web visitors have a tendency to auto judge a web page by just one look. Colors can either make a web visitor like a website and stay longer on the page, or they can do just the opposite. Colors push forward certain feelings. For example, a dentist website may have colors of blue & white. Realtors are more likely to have shades of brown to emphasize the feeling of warmth and home. A web color scheme should have up to 3 color choices. Every company should select colors that compliment their business field and at the same time, the colors selected should be easy on the human eye. Avoid very dim or too contrasting colors that may irritate a web visitors eye.

Color Style Trend: Always select colors with vibrant & mellow tones to satisfy the average web visitor. These tones will satisfy the human eye and vibrant colors are proven to be favored even more on the web.

3 – Responsive Layout. It’s time to get flexible! Millions are people around the world browse the web more than 10 times a day on a mobile device. Mobile devices have created new standards on the web. With so many screen resolutions, a website must find a way to resize itself for all of these different devices. A responsive layout is the number one solution to make a website mobile friendly.

Responsive Tip: Use CSS Media Queries to make any fixed webpage responsive for all device break points.

4 – High-Resolution Quality Photos (Web Design Boost). In 2016, great photography is everywhere. Selecting the most accurate photography for your brand is key. Web photos should always be of quality and should have an image to compliment both the brand and color scheme of the website.
The Creative commons directory is the best sources to find free photos on the web. There are millions of photos available in the creative commons directory and this makes it easy for every company to find a suitable image for their brand.

Photo Quality Tip: Remember to read all Creative Commons Sublicense Terms before photo use. Some require no attribution and commercial use, while other license don’t allow commercial use and need attribute. Read very carefully!

5 – Chime in with New Web Trends. It’s never a bad idea to keep an eye out for the latest trends on the web. The main purpose of a new web trend is for future development and web advancement.

Top 3 Trends to look out for
A-1 Page Web Design. The one-page web design is known for its top to bottom design that navigates within its own page. The one-page web design has been highly favored by mobile device users and is the ideal layout for a mobile friendly website. The one-page web design has a long scrolling feature and for designers, it provides a lot of room for web design creativity.

B-UI/UX Animations. UI/UX Interactive animation are very popular and trendy in web design because they allow normal visitors to interact with a website in a fun way. This will increase on page visitor stay time by 3 times!

C-Pop up Contact Forms. Pop up contact forms allow a web visitor to focus on writing a solid contact message! This is the new trendy way to send a message on the web and fun for the average web visitor as well.

6 – Expanding your Content.Blogging is now more important than ever. Expand your website by expanding the content on your web pages. The more relevant your content is on your website, the more your SEO ranks will improve. Blogging is a great way to share company expertise and at the same time, that certain blog published on a web page will be indexed somewhere on the web with the chance of having a visitor who is interested in that subject. Blogging will expand a website even more on the web and help a website gain more followers.

Content Tip: WordPress is the number one blogging platform today.Add a WordPress blog to your company website and link up the blog on the homepage main menu.

7 – Brand and Web Identity . For a company to have a great web design, they need to understand what brand image they represent and how they would like to portray through the web. When a company understands what they can bring to the table, their web visitors will see that message clearly.

Brand Identity Tip: The website color scheme, logo, favicon, and banner should represent the brand theme completely.

As analyzed above, a great website should have a quality web design and descent SEO ranks to succeed on the web. A site must always be up to date with latest web design trends, have a clear brand identity image, and proper SEO. Follow the above 7 greatest ways to boost your web design and SEO ranks!

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