Google Alerts : 10 Best Alternatives to Google Alerts

Alternatives to Google Alerts

What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a service from Google to track or notify the related topics, news, articles and any content around the web. It means Google Alerts will notify you feeds for particular words or parses which is entered. what ever the topics or articles published by online that related to your words or keywords, then the Google Alerts will send you a mail with that related feeds. It can helps you to get updates for interesting content, News, Events and more.

Example : If you want to track a word is called “Google Alerts”.

Go to Google Alerts and fill the required data in to that Web form. Just like mentioned below and click on Create Alert.

Then the Google Alert created for the word “Google Alerts”. Login in to your associated email which is given for Google Alert and conform the service. you may not get alerts until you conform the mail id. After conformation you will start to get updates via Email.

What are the best alternatives to Google Alerts?

Every thing has some of the alternatives in the world free or paid. In the same way Google Alerts also having some alternatives to it. Look at the following best services for Google Alerts Alternatives.

Social Mention is the best alternative to Google Alerts, Just enter to Social Mention website and type the word wherever you want to track and click on search, then result will be displayed just like Google search, this is common but if you click for Email Alert and fill the word you want to track or get update. It will covers almost all the webpages like social Media, Blogs, Online magazines etc.

Talk Walker is almost similar to Google Alerts and very simple, you can create a Talk Walker Alert in less than a minute. Talk Walker is a good and free alternative to Google Alerts because of its simplicity and easiness. As I mentioned above it’s useful for monitoring brand name, products, web articles etc. in the Global Internet Medium.

Google Alerts

Mention is also having good rank to to Google Alerts Alternative list. As we seen above services are free just like Google Alerts, But Mention also gives us a free service but with limitations and chargeable service starting at $19.99 /Month. It provides real time updates to your email & push notifications to your mobile device which is supports push technology.

Yahoo Alerts (Yahoo Alerts has been discontinued as of January 31, 2015, all alerts created through for Finance stock alerts, Search, Weather, Horoscope, and Fantasy Sports, stopped working) also is an Alternative to Google Alerts and its free and it sends instant or real time notifications via Email. You have to sign up / sign in with Yahoo Account to customize this service. It can send alerts to you the content Avatar Alerts, Breaking News, Missing Children, Personal Alerts, Stock Alerts and many more.

Copernic Tracker is something different than other Google Alerts alternatives as it gives us a desktop alert. Even it can track if the pages needs basic authentication or you can enter authentication in advanced settings to continue with prompting authentication window. It is chargeable and offering free tail also. all mentioned that it’s a good alternative to Google Alerts.

Netvibes is an High-end alternative to Google Alerts, it offers many services than the Google Alerts, But it’s charging for its wonderful services also offering free service with some limitation. You can find more details with NetVibes user guide.

Yotify (discontinued) is a free service to track or to be informed by Email from particular sites like Classifieds, Shopping Carts, News magazines etc. It is also Alternative to Google Alerts.

IQAlerts is a alternative service to Google Alerts and it is most reliable and faster than other Google Alerts alternative services. It keeps an eye on your Keywords or contextual filters to give you a notification to you in real time. Price starts from $30/Month.

Trackur is also a alternative to Google Alerts and it tracks and measures complete social media sites and notifies you with the advances tracking techniques. The price starts from $27/Month and offers free trail.

Topsy is a good alternative to Google Alerts to track Web and Social Media, it sends you instant Emails with tracked information. it is offering free services also paid service, Twitter account is enough to use free Topsy service.