Why Does SEO Continue to Live?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been running through the web for many years now and it continues bringing effective results to website rankings. It constantly creates trends as to what and how marketing in a virtual world should be. From the time it first emerged on the Internet, there seems to be no

Google’s Matt Cutts Says Black Hat and Link Spammers Beware

What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?” That is the question a new video from Google’s Matt Cutts answers about what we can soon expect with respect to SEO and search engine results. Below are 10 points that Matt addresses in his video: Penguin Update: The next Penguin

Article Directories: How SEO-friendly its Links Actually Are?

Search Engine Optimization has become very popular over the recent years. Many people are using it to maximize visitors to their websites, an important aspect of online marketing. Link building has also gained popularity to people engaging in online marketing. However, it is important to know that in most cases, links count only when

Google Penguin Update 3

In April 2012 Google did it’s Penguin Update Noticeably affected the rankings of 3.1% of all queries. In May 26th 2012 then rolled out Penguin 2, affected .1% Recently on October 5th Google released Penguin 3 affecting .3% Saying it will further lower the impact that low quality links have on a sites rankings. The definition of

Another Google Adjustment

Beginning today, Google will add another facet to its already complex algorithm by lowering search rankings for websites that have “high numbers” of copyright-infringement removal requests. An example of this, which most people have seen, is the sad faced box on Youtube that states “This video is no longer available due to a copyright

The Fleet-footedness of Deceptive Marketing

Recently I was gathering material for a program and wanted to illustrate Google’s local search function. As I understand it, when someone searches for a service or product in a specific location, the matrix for the organic search gives priority to those with a Google profile and consumer reviews. So, if you search “Los

Meta Title and Tags: Final SEO Guide

Merely getting a website designed and developed, and getting it hosted on a server will not serve the purpose of getting a strong foot hold on net. The prime motive is to get visitors on the website who are also the potential customers for a business house or it can be said that they

How Much is Google Ranking Worth to Your Business

Every business aspires to get the #1 ranking in Google but is it really worth it? Is it possible to put a currency value on this Google ranking. Our answer would be a resounding ‘Yes’. In order to create a proper SEO & Marketing campaign, a critical step would involve establishing this value. You

Getting Valuable Incoming Links from Reputable Sources

Even with the recent Panda update, incoming links to your site are still very important if you want to get a higher ranking on search engines.  What is a valuable incoming link then?  It serves two purposes: to boost your search engine rankings, and to get you more customers for your business or at

How Good is your e-Commerce SEO?

As a business, you understand how important the internet is for attracting customers. You’ve done your share of traditional marketing with print advertisements, flyers, inserts, and so on. This form of marketing is getting less attention, but will likely always retain value – at least until current generations get old. When it comes to online