Pinterest. Sample of a Resume Promotion

I’m sure you’ve heard about Pinterest – the latest social media craze to hit the web! And if you’ve spent any time on it, you’ve probably realized how fun and addicting it can be. But, did you know you can also use Pinterest to build yourself a unique social media resume? If you’re unfamiliar, the basic

5 Ways to Make Money with Web Designing

Web designing is a very competitive market and can also be difficult to succeed at if you don’t know the basic principles. You will need to employ some helpful tools if you want to have a prosperous career at designing web pages and sites. It doesn’t matter if you are a freelance web designer or

Is Your Website a Lead Generation Machine? 10 Tips to Make it SO!

It’s amazing how many websites I run across that are no more than stagnant brochures. Often I find myself more confused after leaving these websites than when I first arrived. To make matters worse, many of them never even knew I was there. These companies are killing any ROI they could be gleaning from

Mobile Marketing Campaigns Ideas by Industry

Retail Mobile Marketing is ideal for increasing customer traffic and for building a database for future promotions. When a customer sees your promotional offer they send your keyword to a short code and receive a response. SMS Marketing can increase your retail business customer base and give them a reason to come back by texting

Two Easy Ways to Keep Your Site Visitors Coming Back

Virtually all human endeavours depend on repeat visitations. Although you’re not selling anything to your site visitors, the frequency and number of return visits are usually good indicators of failure or success.  If you are going to make a site into an online location that people want to visit time and again, you should

Protecting Your Computer against Viruses and Spyware

Technical advancements such as the widespread use of the internet provide numerous facilities to users but they also have certain disadvantages which make their use very difficult. The biggest disadvantage that can be attributed to the internet is the massive and rapid spread of viruses and spyware programs. These viruses destroy a perfectly healthy

The Future of Reporting and Honest Answers about Monetizing the Web

I was invited to speak to SUNY Oneonta’s communication honors society about my ‘successful career’ in online publishing for their speaker’s series a week ago. I jumped at the chance because I love public speaking and, as SUNY Albany alum, I have a soft spot for SUNY students, I was also extremely honored to

Developing a Domain Name – How To Plan a Website?

Whether you own a whole bunch of domain names or just a single one, there comes a time when you decide to develop a domain name into a living/breathing/functioning website. Before you jump headfirst into the details of website construction, it is a good idea to take a bit of time and create a plan

The Right Time to Sell a Website

Have you ever considered selling your website? You need to, and here’s why: Of all the businesses I’ve started over the last 6 years, the MOST MONEY I’ve ever made is when I SOLD the website businesses! There are many reasons why selling your site just makes sense. Here are the big ones… 1) You get a