Small Business Funding: Tips

Lack of capital is repeatedly cited as one of the top reasons businesses fail. In a survey, a whopping 79% of small business owners who closed shop cited “starting out with too little money” as a reason for their failure. It forces countless businesses to close shop before they’re even given a real chance

Crowdfunding – Don’t Drink the Kickstarter Kool Aid!

Remember this wild and crazy guy from late night tv? You get a grant! And you get a grant! And you get a grant! He had everybody believing the government had warehouses full of money that was yours for the taking. All you had to do was buy his big book to learn where to hop

5 books every digital marketer should read

Books are a man’s best friend and so is the Digital Marketer’s. Its importance is such that even in today’s digital age; books can never be ignored if one is looking for an in-depth knowledge on a certain subject. Now-a-days, with a single click on the mouse hundreds of book names are displayed by

Will Co-citation Eventually Replace the Anchor Text?

An anchor text is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. In internet terms, it is that “clickable” word or phrase that people see underlined and colored blue. When they click on it, they are redirected to another website. Anchor texts makes your website URL shorter in a more attractive way

Google Alerts : 10 Best Alternatives to Google Alerts

Alternatives to Google Alerts What is Google Alerts? Google Alerts is a service from Google to track or notify the related topics, news, articles and any content around the web. It means Google Alerts will notify you feeds for particular words or parses which is entered. what ever the topics or articles published by online that

The Future of Data: Big and Small

This week at Under The Radar we will be talking about 3 key concepts that have an impact on how businesses adopt big data analytics: :: Analytics over storage. Today, the quantity of data that companies store doesn’t matter as much as what they can do with it.  Banks don’t benefit from

Has Your Audience Gone Mobile?

It’s no longer a secret, more and more people are opening your email marketing campaigns up and viewing them on their mobile devices.  The big question is are you’re emailers mobile friendly? In 2012 there was an astonishing 80% increase in the number of people viewing email newsletters on their smartphones or tablets. Overall approx

Vision Segway converts prospects into customers while having fun!

Imagine a furniture store staging a complete living room set on Main Street, Moncton, to advertise a sale. Or how about an insurance firm that projects its corporate logo on the face of a nine story o Business aims to “bring crazy things to life” Imagine a furniture store staging a complete living room set on

5 New Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Let’s face it, there are thousands of articles on picking a domain name, most of which give you the nuts and bolts:  Pick a .com, don’t hyphenate, make it short, make it easy to say and spell, etc…  However, with new blogs and websites popping up everywhere, fitting your brand into these tight criteria

Google Attempts To Augment Reality

Google has unveiled it’s “open secret” for a design of augmented reality eyewear. The idea is glasses that, seen in the image, partly cover the right eye and display information similar to iPhone software directly to the user. All the technology of text messaging, calendar info, reminders, even as far as receiving phone calls