There are so many different directions you can take with your advertising. With many businesses it’s a matter of trial and error. You can spend an awful lot of money while you try different methods. If your money tree isn’t producing as much greenage as you’d like, take heart. There actually are ways to get

DMOZ: #1 Directory of All Times

A few years ago if you would have whispered DMOZ in someone's ear, they would have thought you were crazy. Today the human edited directory over at, called the 'Open Directory Project', or ODP, and its dead link crushing robot called Robozilla, powers the results of over 200 search engines and directories. Some

What is a Cloud Server and Virtual Server

The technological terms “virtual” and “cloud” are becoming common. Industry press and sales copy frequently mention virtual computing, virtual servers, cloud computing and cloud servers. As a consumer of these services, you need to understand these terms at some level to help you determine if a given hosting provider or other vendor can actually

Host CSS Files Using Dropbox

A decent website is a the right mix of multiple solutions gathered in one place - your website. And while history witnessed many successful stories for choosing and implementing well-supported online platforms latest on that at, there is one particular case we would like to discuss today. Dropbox is a great online data

Good Bye Archive.Org. Hello

We recently blogged about, their site redesign and the problems with load times and other issues they were having – today’s news will probably be the final nail in the coffin for the troubled venture. DomainTools have announced the release to the public of their new website As the name suggests, the website

Where NOT to Register Your Domain

When you go to the Network Solutions website and enter your top secret idea for a website name in the Find a Domain box but don't register it on the spot, your domain will be held hostage for a period of four days. During this period, you (or anyone else) can purchase the domain Sells for Record Price … Again

Remember the internet boom and bust of the late 90s? Remember how first there was a gold rush, then everyone became sheepish and embarrassed to talk about the web? Well, 10 years later, business is buzzing about the internet again. Here's some proof: We don't say dot-bomb anymore, we say web 1.0 has been

DMCA Takedowns Have no Merit to the World

Wow internet people of the world. I was surprised tonight. As slow as defending DeCSS took off all those years ago, so quick was the defending of the AACS key. Many people on the Internet spoke out tonight after AACS LA started sending out takedown notices to companies that hosted a key published by