Getting Valuable Incoming Links from Reputable Sources

Even with the recent Panda update, incoming links to your site are still very important if you want to get a higher ranking on search engines.  What is a valuable incoming link then?  It serves two purposes: to boost your search engine rankings, and to get you more customers for your business or at

How Good is your e-Commerce SEO?

As a business, you understand how important the internet is for attracting customers. You’ve done your share of traditional marketing with print advertisements, flyers, inserts, and so on. This form of marketing is getting less attention, but will likely always retain value – at least until current generations get old. When it comes to online

What Is LinkBait?

The term “linkbait” is used to describe blog content whose main purpose is to generate incoming links from other sites. Linkbait content can take different forms – from a unique tool or a breaking news story to a well written article or controversial image. Almost every blog publishes linkbait of some kind. Most people put

The Truth Behind Customer Ratings Review

When you’re shopping online, how often do you look at customer ratings on the products you’re interested in? If you’re like most people, you probably scan at least the first set of customer ratings to get an idea how other purchasers feel about the product. Okay, now for another question. How often do you find

SEO and Dynamic Pages

Why should you want to use Active Server Pages or PHP and what's the difference? PHP is a server-side scripting language that's cross-platform compatible, embedded in HTML, lets you create dynamic web pages on the fly for the UNIX (Linux) or Windows platform. It's comparable to Active Server Pages which run on Windows platforms.